How can we make private data come alive for everyone?

Available data on the Aleo blockchain is very limited in usability, due to its privacy focus. Data can only be decoded into human readable code with the correct viewkeys. This means that explaining the information to the user becomes very important. The solution gives developers access to the platform through an API and a GUI to interact with the data. Another important aspect of the explorer is to showcase the network’s liveness and increase of adoption.

A beautiful explorer that lets you dive right in the network

The Aleo block explorer is an application directly interfacing with the several networks of the Aleo platform. It showcases the liveness of the network by measuring important statistics (number of nodes in the network, amount of transactions, cost of transactions, average block time and several others). Aside from these statistics, it also gives insight into the blocks and transactions within the chain, allowing developers and users to see where their transactions are. The block explorer is focussed on developers, so we created an API to interact with. Users can pull data or post new transactions to the network.

Combining design with cutting-edge blockchain technology

The project began with a design phase. Together with the client we looked into the block explorers that are out there. We identified elements that were interesting or inspiring and took those as a starting point for our vision for the block explorer. From these we created the initial designs and started developing, following our agile development process. After the initial explorer was launched, we slowly began creating additional features and added more relevant data and metrics about the Aleo network.


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The Kryha team worked with our engineering team to architect a concept from initial idea to full production launch. Our team has learned immensely from Kryha's time-tested approaches and we now work with them on a number of industry-leading blockchain initiatives.

Howard Wu

CEO of Aleo

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