Hi there,


A new website, style and  logo! You might be thinking: why? We believe that the value of our brand is in our name: Kryha. Is it Kre-ha or Cry-ha? Either way, our name sticks. We believe we’ve found a brand identity that represents our values and proposition and created just that.

Kryha has been on a rollercoaster ride for over three years. From fresh out of university to a seasoned company with customers all over the world. We have extended our presence in South East Asia by opening a satellite office in Singapore. We experienced all the startup growing pains and have put them behind us. Time to make a transition towards a new branding that fits the current and future state of our company!

Our standard for quality and expertise is high. That’s why we worked with digital agency todaytomorrow to help us discover the right direction. They enquired us about our brand values: what does Kryha want to represent? And how should that be translated into a brand?


Kryha’s values are:

  • Fun: we believe that work is a place where you should have fun but also be challenged. Work hard, play hard!
  • Integrity: it’s part of our DNA. Customers need to trust what we do. Multi-stakeholder projects require us to be aware of all the sensitivities that can occur
  • Unconventional: we see things differently and our designs should reflect that


These brand values brought us to the bold and daring style you see before you. It represents a mature Kryha. Check it out and see for yourself.


Tobias, Thom and Haischel