For teams truly driven to see Web3 change the world, now is the time to build. To build meaningful applications, accessibility, equity and community. Above all, to build trust. Why? Web3 has brought justified excitement and transformation potential — but also selfishness, quick-money scams and criminality. Understandably, that’s created a widespread, nagging fear that we can’t trust Web3. Not that it’s the gateway to the future, or worth the investment. Not that it’ll ever be accessible enough to be useful in your everyday life, whether at work or outside it. Not that it’s secure, moral and ethical, with the potential to foster real equity and sustainability. We need to fix all this.

So, given we believe in Web3’s potential, we’re responsible for building the proof. Since Kryha began in 2017, we’ve been protecting and strengthening the idea that drew its founders together: that Web3 is fundamentally a community space. One that should foreground education, access and the joy of co-creation.

Now, our visionary spirit is as strong as ever — but it’s grounded and matured into the Web3 studio we are today.

Working to accelerate the transition to trusted, accessible and human-centred decentralised systems. Committed to our mission of creating sustainable and equitable Web3 value; never pursuing growth for growth’s sake. Gathering the right people, in the right contexts, to collaborate and educate on creating worthwhile decentralised solutions.

For adoption, we need trust

We believe Web3 will change the world as profoundly as Web2 did. And shaped well, with the benefit of hindsight, it can surpass Web2’s serious flaws. Web3 ushers in the potential to rebalance wealth and power, take back control of our data and help make our existence on this planet sustainable. To evolve from depending on institutions that keep their inner workings in an impenetrable black box. Instead, creating trusted, transparent and community-led tools that put fairness first. But this will only happen when Web3 becomes as commonplace as Web2. When decentralised technology is so slick, affordable and accessible that we don’t even notice Web3 is under the hood. In other words, adoption is everything. And for adoption, we first need trust.

The thing is, trust isn’t something you can sell. It has to be earned. So we only take on projects where we see a pathway to creating this trust. Where the Web3 solution we create is truly needed, worthwhile and usable. Where the people involved — and the complexities of their needs and aspirations — are taken into account. It comes down to talking human to human.

Because, until digital trust becomes normal enough that we take it for granted, human trust is the only option we’ve got.

This means we’re selective, discerning and thoughtful in our work. Across our collaborations with developers, brands, protocols and investors, we have a long-term view of growing together — and skin in the game.



Developers, brands, protocols: True partnerships, with skin in the game

We build and share tools so developers can explore Web3’s potential, using our ready-made blocks to build out apps. Developing better and faster, reducing time to market, and easily experimenting on secure, scalable foundations. We design our tools based on our own work on Web3 protocols: where we find friction and gaps, we build to smooth the way for fellow developers. With code that’s up to industry standard, easy to read (even if you’re new to the protocol), and supported by the know-how materials we share alongside it. Think of a zero-knowledge toolkit enabling game-builders to explore the potential (and joy) of zero-knowledge gaming. Laying foundations anyone can build on, as we shape Web3 together.

We create worthwhile applications for brands and industries, mapping where, how and why blockchain technology can contribute to their sector’s progress.

We seek meaningful value creation across these collaborations, ensuring they contribute to a more joyful, equal and sustainable world.

If our visions for this meaningful impact don’t match, we’re out. But when they do, we’re all in. Designing and implementing with humans at the centre, from institutional DeFi to increasing supply chain transparency and traceability. Making sure we’re the bridge between Web3’s technical complexity and the intuitive, effortless solutions it can enable, creating apps that audiences can and want to use.

And we build for and with the communities that are at the core of any decentralised system. It’s our responsibility to include people in designing easy-to-use apps that respond to real needs, from gaming to finance. Welcoming and learning from feedback, ideas and strategies, we’ll build better. We’ll build wider access and equity, too, through creator’s economies, for example. And we’ll build trust, as we move towards decentralised technology being part of everyday life.

Honestly, we don’t yet know how Web3 will change the world. No one does. But we think it’s damn well worth being there to shape it — with our heads in the clouds and our feet firmly on the ground. Because Web3 is simply too valuable to be used carelessly.

Join us in shaping the future of Web3 and explore our new website to learn more about what we do to discover our mission. Don’t forget to stay updated with the latest news and insights by following us on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Medium.

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