Our tailored approach for building ecosystems.

Fostering collaboration among organizations is key to establish a blockchain ecosystem that enables and facilitates large scale coordination. However, focusing solely on consortium building has proven to fall short in making enterprise blockchain initiatives flourish. Our strong belief is that realizing such common digital infrastructures requires the confluence of three key aspects: collaboration, concept, and technology. A belief that’s backed by our experiences in multi-party enterprise blockchain projects. Our blockchain triad approach empowers (groups of) organizations to map and align these aspects for their specific context, allowing to iteratively generate actionable answers to essential questions.

Aspect 01


Aiming to shape a collective vision or considering to join existing consortia? Either way, mapping and aligning organizational as well as strategic requirements is instrumental.

Aspect 02


Trying to tackle challenges that reach far beyond your organizational boundaries? We help organizations scale context-specific concepts within and beyond their industry by establishing a holistic perspective while maintaining a pragmatic mindset.

Aspect 03


Eager to explore technology push or seize market pull opportunities? In the end, technology should serve as a means to your envisioned goals and we support organizations in considering as well as implementing the right choices.

Collaboration: initiating network effects

Building a common digital infrastructure for the industry and by the industry is considerably easier if everybody is on the same page. Serving as a neutral linchpin, we help our clients and their stakeholders to find a common denominator and maintain common ground. As blockchain natives, we extend our product development expertise to address the soft elements of realizing scalable blockchain solutions. We’re also able to support organizations with blockchain strategy development, coalition building and translating strategy to reality.

Concept: capturing synergies in experiences

A thriving ecosystem is collaborative by nature and inclusive by design. A solid conceptual foundation is key in achieving this ultimate state. In this light, ecosystem and product development should always be in sync. Translating high-level strategic drivers to low-level functional requirements should be in confluence with validating product desirability, technical feasibility, and business viability. Our proficiency in design thinking enables you to address collective challenges and capture potential value in a tangible experience.

Technology: rocking scalable solutions

The sky is the limit, especially when exploring the potential of distributed technologies. Smart choices and efficient technical design made during product development bring those possibilities closer to reality. But such key decisions must be rooted in strategic considerations, which in turn should be fueled by actionable technical understanding. Whether it’s interoperability, decentralized network governance, or core technology choices: we are experts in connecting complex technical topics to your bigger picture.