Users and tech are key in our approach.

Our design and development approach is roughly divided into three distinctive steps that often intertwine. Our Design Thinking tool set is user-centered and optimized for blockchain contexts. It helps us closely collaborate, create and validate new concepts. We take those concepts and turn them into quickly iterated prototypes and detailed designs. Our world class blockchain and software engineers take the last step and develop products that deliver real business value. Perfect technical execution and integrations is what Kryha is known for.

Step 01

Design Thinking

We have modified this proven innovation method and mindset to fit our blockchain context. It allows us to efficiently collaborate, create and validate ideas and concepts.

Step 02

Concept Design

We turn ideas into seemingly simple designs with great user experience. Prototyping helps validating and aligning with stakeholders and business or innovation strategies.

Step 03

Software Development

We combine complex blockchain technology with easy to use frontend functionality. Through agile software development we work towards a pilot or operational product.

Design Thinking gets us from vague idea to Concept Design.

Blockchain has the power to change industries. We develop the tools and products to leverage that power to the fullest. We start with deep diving into the context together with stakeholders and subject matter experts. We created our own Design Thinking tool set designed for a blockchain context. Once we have a thorough understanding we start Concept and UX Design in close collaboration with our clients. This often happens iteratively and in parallel with Ecosystem Development. The strive towards designing seemingly simple products that solve complex or wicked problems. Full featured clickable design mockups help engage stakeholders and the development team to develop efficiently.

Developing products that deliver real operational value.

We believe that only operational products can deliver real business value. And changing an industry in a sustainable manner goes best in small steps is our experience. Technical architecture is one of the first steps. It’s important to create a firm technical foundation that can be build on in the future. If the project asks for innovative technology we like to develop proof of concepts to validate feasibility. Agile software development methods and highly skilled blockchain engineers has proved to be a great combination. We can deliver cutting-edge technological products with a very high standard of execution. But it doesn’t stop there. We like to collaborate closely to design and deliver a successful pilot or rollout of an operational product. Because that is where the real deal begins.