Founded during the hype. Stayed to change the world

Kryha was founded during the peak of the blockchain hype in 2017 by Tobias Disse, Thom Bergman and Haischel Dabian. The hype allowed us to move fast and our expertise and client base quickly grew. In the early days we helped our clients in exploring the new technology to create business opportunities. The technology, our clients and Kryha slowly became more mature. We moved from explaining to building proof of concepts to developing operational products. We believe blockchain has the power to change the world. We are here to make that happen.

We enjoy a decent challenge and solving complex problems

We are blockchain engineers, concept designers, business developers, innovation strategists, UX designers, product developers, and business consultants. We thrive in complexity and know how to solve wicked problems. We are a group of people with very diverse backgrounds from all over the world. Our headquarters is in Amsterdam.

I’ve never seen that many talented people in one room. Kryha managed to impress me on both the design and technology part. They are smart, bold and just a bunch of very nice people to work with.

One of our clients

After the delivery of a project

We believe the world benefits if industries change sustainably

At Kryha our mission is to create sustainable industry change. Blockchain has the power to do so. Achieving societal impact almost always requires companies and stakeholders in the value chain to share data. Blockchain technology enables parties to collaborate based on shared data, processes and self-executing business logic without the need for a single authority to ensure trust. This results in accountability of supply chain partners for their role in society, strengthening their brand and social responsibility. Join us in our mission!

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