We are very excited to welcome Abe in the newly-created position of Ecosystem Developer! He is responsible first and foremost for analyzing new markets and ecosystems, but also for Kryha’s general strategy. Abe is supporting the team in finding opportunities in emerging markets, such as Hydrogen (proof of origination of Green Hydrogen for example), and management of some existing accounts. Before joining Kryha, he worked as a Product Owner in the Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) space and as Project Lead in tokenization projects. 

Abe just finished his first month and says: “Onboarding at Kryha was pretty unique. I spent my first weeks observing and learning. They did not explain too much about the company, as they were really interested in learning what I saw, preferably raw and unbiased feedback of internal processes. The onboarding programme ended with a presentation of my plan for the first year. Yes; my plan. This is because Kryha encourages high degrees of autonomy. I have joined an association of entrepreneurs, active in a dynamic environment with projects all over the world. A setting that is well equipped to handle the complex multi-stakeholder challenges ahead of us.”