We build tools for developers

We design our tools based on our own experience with Web3 protocols: where we find friction and gaps, we build to smooth the way for fellow developers. With code that’s up to industry standard, easy to read (even if you’re new to the protocol), and supported by the know-how materials we share alongside it. Laying foundations anyone can build on, as we shape Web3 together.

We create meaningful applications

Whether you have a clear idea of where your brand or industry is aiming with Web3 or none at all, we ask the tough questions to ensure it’s the right path. Our intuitive and compelling app experiences demonstrate what’s possible and drive positive change by leveraging blockchain technology’s potential. We prioritise meaningful collaborations for a joyful, equal, and sustainable world. We design and implement with humans at the centre, shaping apps that your audiences can and want to use.

We build for and with communities

The community is at the core of any decentralised system. To build better for any group — from developers to app audiences — we welcome and learn from their feedback. Working together, we’re able to shape tools, technology and products that add meaningful value. We bring the developer community into our building process, sharing tools so no time’s lost reinventing the wheel. For wider audiences, it’s our responsibility to include people in designing easy-to-use apps that respond to real needs. Building trust, as we move towards decentralised technology being part of everyday life.

We believe that Web3 will bring meaningful change to the world, and that’s why we do everything in our power to make that happen.

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