Did somebody say blockchain?

Reinventing supply chain collaboration

Proving sustainability performance

Kryha empowers enterprises to improve their ESG performance by reinventing supply chain collaboration. Our digital solutions allow customers to trace materials and confidentially share verified ESG data across supply chains, providing actionable insights through powerful dashboarding. This enables companies to take strikes in achieving their Sustainable Development Goals and enhance their market positioning through ESG excellence.


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Ecosystem development

strategy consortium building business model design

Managing increasingly complex value chains is a lot easier if everybody in the industry is on the same page. We orchestrate the alignment of strategies and define common ground. We help to integrate systems across the entire chain to maximize network effects.

What we do

Product developement

Design thinking Concept design Software development

Change always starts with an idea. Our team of experts takes an iterative approach leveraging the latest methodologies to realize those ideas. We validate, design and develop them into game-changing blockchain products.

We’re pretty nice people, if we may say so

Who we are

We’re a full-service team of digital consultants, concept designers, and software engineers. Sure, we know blockchain like the back of our hands. And yes, we’re known to win a hackathon every once in a while. But we’re much more than that.


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